Value Selling

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Presentation by Arvind Dutta at DuPont Building Innovations meet, Ramoji Film City Hyderabad

This is the presentation I delivered to our DuPont Corian(R) sales team on Value-Selling. In retrospect I feel that it might have been an insane idea to even think of selling such an expensive product – Corian(R) in India a decade back. India is a cost competitive emerging market where stone  and in-kind products are already a commodity. It is purely by design thinking that DuPont India Team really differentiated and created value. Over the past few years as the design manager at DuPont India Building Innovations, I have been a part of the transformational journey of Corian(R) in India from Counter tops to applications in numerous diversified segments, such as, wall cladding, healthcare products etc. Without this process of exploring the latent potential of Corian(R) and targeting the customer NEEDS, Corian(R) would not have survived and grown into a multi-million dollar business in India.


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