I Love Corian(R)

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Having worked for DuPont India for about half a decade, it is emotional to say good-bye. I am starting a new journey to explore the power of design thinking in new contexts, environments and global markets. For the time being, this is my last post on this blog. I am leaving you with few random thoughts – to begin with : “I love Corian(R). I wish to thank, all my leaders at DuPont, my design team, colleagues, friends, fabricators, and hundreds of students who were part of Open-Innovation program. It is a small world and I am sure we will cross-paths soon 😀

At DuPont, everything begins with Core Values 🙂 Safety is much more than just a core value here, it is a condition of employment. I am taking back several hundred minutes of thoughts, discussions and training about SAFETY : I had never believed earlier that-all incidences are avoidable. This is oxy-moron to Murphy’s lawas and concept of FATE in Hinduism :). It was a proud moment for me to win annual poster design competition at DuPont. These posters were displayed across all India sites, factories and corporate offices. I re-designed Yamaraja(Hindu God of Death) as a safety champion at DuPont India.

Winning Safety Poster Design at DuPont by Arvind Dutta (C) 2010

I was also fortunate to work at DuPont Gurgaon(Corporate Office), DuPont Mumbai (Regional Sales & Marketing Office) , and DuPont Knowledge Center Hyderabad (Global R&D facility). Following are few of innovative applications of Corian(R) designed by me and team. These are a result of years of exploration in outdoor application segment. I had been leading the design of exterior facade applications from the day one at DuPont. It is satisfying to see the application getting commercialized in New Delhi International Airport, several residential & commercial buildings. The exploration also led me to explore outdoor signage applications, which not only had the challenge to survive outdoor applications but also be flexible in terms of colours & designs. Following are few of the signage applications one would see at DuPont Knowledge Center.

Main Signage at DKC entrance : Application designed and developed by Arvind Dutta

DuPont Oval Signage at MRL building at DKC: Application designed and developed by Arvind Dutta

Foundation stone and LEED certification at entrance of DKC – Application designed and developed by Arvind Dutta


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