DuPont – NID : Open-Innovation Initiative

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I was pleased to lead the DuPont – NID collaboration for participating in IIJS’ 08, Mumbai. Continuing and reinforcing DuPont’s relationship with NID, this was a new milestone. This was  primarily aimed at demonstrating design possibilities to the new generation jewellery retailers with DuPont™ Corian ®. Retailers & Designers experienced an exclusive space, which helped them visualize possibilities with this future material.  This joint effort led designers to explore new opportunities and demonstrate creative solutions. I sincerely hope that industries come forward to collaborate with design schools on many such future joint endeavors, leading design trends in India to next paradigm.  IIJS Mailer

DuPont™ Corian® – NID collaboration for IIJS, Mumbai

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DuPont Team lead by Arvind Dutta. Exhibition design team led by Mayank & Graphics led by Niti. Fabrication done by Blossoms Mumbai. Special thanks to Shimul Vyas for making this collaboration possible.


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