Crafting Corian(R) scrap

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The objective of this exercise was leveraging traditional crafsman skills to design sustainable products with Corian® scrap to design products for contemporary needs & tastes. Dumping of scraps is on of the biggest struggles with fabricators. A sustainable value chain to reuse this will not only solve this problem but also open up new category, creating newer oppor tuni t ies . Globalizat ion demands innovation. Traditional crafts and crafts persons have to adapt to changes in social set ups,culture and economy by inventing products,materials, and processes with new standards of quality and creativity.Wood and Stone were traditionally used for craft development because of local availability. But, with depleting natural resources there has been a constant struggle to acquire the right material. There is a need for the persons involved to adapt and evolve with the changing times. The new age Marvel DuPont™ Corian® is a wonder material which is workable like wood and durable like stone. Which means traditional sculpting tools could be used very easily to get high quality and durable artefacts. It is recyclable, renewable, seamless and available in wide palette of colours. It is 100 percent homogenous which overcomes the age old problem with traditional material. It is ready to use without and pre processing. It is thermoform able, which means there is absolutely no limit to imagination. This collaboration will provide a new direction and empower the crafts persons, as a value adder using skills already known to them. Scraps of similar sizes were glued together to make a solid block using the joint adhesive. Craftsmen were given training to use adhesive. Combination of Traditional and hand tools were used to achieve the sculptures without any training on the techniques.

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Project Lead – Arvind Dutta & Susanth CS, Student – Raghu, National Institute of Design, Bangalore


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