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MIT Institute of Design is one the most promising new design institutes in India. I found striking similarities between NID & MIT context. The Mula-Mutha river and the lush green campus- Rajbaug, reminded me of  NID Paldi campus by the banks of Sabarmati river where I spend some of the best years of my life. The logo of  “iD” with its tagline caught my attention. While the graphic interplay of typography captures contemporary taste, the tagline “Ensure Karman, Leave Phalam” captures the essence of our traditional approach towards design process and design output. The first thing that I was told when I entered the campus was that this farm belonged to the legendary actor – Late Raj Kapoor. I felt there was surely some mysterious element of magic in the air, and I bet that the scenic landscape must have inspired some great cinemas of yesteryears. At MIT, I felt at home. Thanks to MIT fraternity who made me feel comfortable with their hospitality and support. I was in the MIT campus on the auspicious day of Vinayak Chaturthi. There was a colourful  pandal for the clay idol designed by a very skilled student in the campus. Students sang and danced free-style to drum beats until immersion and we all wished wisdom, prosperity & good fortune for everyone. “Ganapati Bappa Moriya!

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations at the MIT ID campus

 I led the DuPont Open-Innovation initiative with MIT Pune at three phases.

1) Hands-on workshop

2) Classroom project

3) Student diploma project incubation

Following is a pictorian reportage of the Hands-on workshop (9th to 11th of April  2010) – We started with a design workshop for students. The aim of the workshop was to explore the possibilities of the material, which will further help in its application in hospitality segment, such as, wall surfaces, ceilings, furniture, bathrooms & accessories etc. The teams had to generate the concepts individually & work with the material provided to explore the possibilities. The students were taken through a design process from conceptualization to prototyping. On the final day, teams presented their designs in an open jury.


Group 1 : Reception area (Hardware fittings/furniture/accessories/signages)

  1. Vinayak Iyer                        
  2. Khushali Ghatalia               
  3. Uday                                   
  4. Tanmaya Rao                     

Group 2 : Hotel Room (Hardware fittings/furniture/accessories)

  1. Gaurav Jain                        
  2. Mihir Vaze                          
  3. Pranjal Thakur                    
  4. Natasha Jain                      

Group 3 : Restaurant (Hardware fittings/furniture/accessories)

  1. Sagar Modh               
  2. Shivchandra                       
  3. Niharika Damarakonda       
  4. Madhavi  Munot                  

Group 4 : Gym/Pool area (Hardware fittings/furniture/accessories)

  1. Sheroy  Katila                      
  2. Rashmi Dasguta                 
  3. Neelam Das                       
  4. Riddhi Avalani                    

Group 5 : Conference room (Hardware fittings/furniture/accessories/signage)

  1.  Renjith R.                            
  2. Bharat Singhal                    
  3. Lipee Patel                         
  4. Prachi Joshi                        
  5. Sudhanshu Taneja


Class room project  In the next stage, we collaborated with MIT Pune to futher develop concepts. Three interior design students worked for 6 weeks at their campus – Nakshapa, Priyanka & Mrugesh . Prof Amit Deshmukh & Prof Vasudha were involved in the project  from the MIT side.


Incubating diploma project – Finally, we incubated one of our student participants(Sagar) for his diploma project. We worked on the idea of  Greenroof & Vertical Gardens.

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